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UBC's Response to the Crisis at Texas Border

For freedom Christ has set us free. Stand firm, therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. (Galatians 5.1)


Dear Disciples in Union:

We now have a humanitarian crisis at the Texan border created by unjust policies and practices "enforced" by our government leaders. I have been sickened listening to various leaders from the current administration justify these inhumane and despicable acts with a profound misunderstanding of the spirit of the gospel, particularly Hebrews 13 while placing unscrupulous blame on Democrats for not addressing a "loophole."

As a father and a pastor with a congregation full of children and youth, it grieves me to my core to think that toddlers, children and youth are being held in cages, tents, detention centers and used as leverage to achieve political goals and fulfill campaign promises. We have lost our moral voice and authority to speak to injustices in other lands when we are separating children from families and shipping them to various states. The painful truth is that these heartbroken parents may never see their children again as they are being deported back to their countries immersed in a world of violence, poverty and life threats.

In celebration of "Juneteenth" and informed by an understanding of the faith that is predicated on love for God and loving our neighbor as ourself, we join with the American Baptist Churches and the chorus of voices throughout the world to deplore the further traumatization of already traumatized children and youth and demand an end to such abhorrent practices. The damage that has been done will be with them for a lifetime. Please pray for the healing and restoration of these families.

This is not a time to be silent; rather, it is a time to be the bold church of Jesus Christ. It is a time to be prophetic. It is a time to be vocal, visible and vigilant. You are encouraged to write congressional leaders and demand that this cruel policy ends immediately. Together, let us stand against blatant disregard for poor and vulnerable  persons in the world and speak truth to power. This is wrong!

Attached are letters from the Rev. Dr. Lee Spitzer, General Secretary of ABC, USA and Rev. Dr. Jeffery Haggray, Executive Director, American Baptist Home Mission Society (ABHMS).


 Campbell B. Singleton, III (Rev. Dr.)

Senior Pastor

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